Executive Team


Keith G. Myers

Executive Producer - Chief Executive Officer

An expert in Operations, Administrative Management and Strategic Planning, Keith has participated in the bridge and gap financing of dozens of motion pictures and is the executive producer of the Vision4Media original content film division. Prior to co-founding Vision4Media, Keith worked closely with Profile Entertainment in the production and financing of films such as In the Shadows (starring Matthew Modine, James Caan and Cuba Gooding Jr.), Sol Goode (starring Baltazar Getty and Jamie Kennedy), and Wisegirls (starring Mira Sorvino and Mariah Carey).

Keith has also worked with Blue Rider Pictures on films such as the award winning Fox Family Channel film Silver Wolf (starring Michael Biehn, Roy Scheider and Shane Meier), Slow Burn (starring Minnie Driver, James Spader and Josh Brolin), and Shergar (starring Ian Holm, Mickey Rourke, and David Warner). He was also the Associate Producer of the acclaimed documentary, An Uncommon Kindness: The Father Damien Story, narrated by Robin Williams. Recently, Keith served as the producer of the award-winning sports documentary The Moss Method and the nationally broadcast Journey of Loss…Discovery of Hope.

Keith attended Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he earned his Bachelor of Science and MBA degrees. In 2009, he was honored for his years of leadership and commitment to his University when the President of Marquette University presented him with the "Alumni Service to Marquette Award – In Recognition of Distinguished Service to Marquette University." Myers has also been recognized for his work in helping to establish a comprehensive 21- credit Ethics Minor at Marquette and in funding scholarships in that minor; and, for his role in helping to fund and initiate an annual lecture series at the University entitled: "Society & Human Values."


Mike Doban

Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Mike’s career in the sales and marketing world of film and television started in 1982 with United Artists Theatres. Mike’s initial focus was domestic film programming until 1988 when he was promoted to the head of the National Film Department. As head of the film department, Mike was responsible for coordinating content programming for the U.S. market, as well as handling all financial negotiations with major studios and independent film distributors.

Mike’s foundation as a film sales and marketing executive continued to develop as he was tapped to run the International Film Department in 1990. Leading the international film department required Mike to acquire content and distribute regional movies for each market. Mike was responsible for all of the major international markets including Mexico, South America, Asia and Europe.

In 1996 Mike was ready for his next big challenge. Mike had the vision to launch Arcangelo Entertainment, a privately held firm specializing in independent film marketing and distribution. Through Mike’s expertise, Arcangelo quickly built up a robust client base, including Televisa (Mexico), Roskinoprokat (Russia), Geneon (Japan) and many U.S. based clients.

In 2004, Mike used his twenty-two years of industry experience to spearhead and co-found Freestyle Releasing. Mike’s expertise, industry knowledge and leadership helped Freestyle earn clients such as Yari Film Group, After Dark Films, Vivendi Entertainment and Videocine. Mike personally oversaw and managed a multitude of film releases that varied in venue and market size. Among these projects was The Illusionist, which was released into 1440 theaters and grossed $40.1 million domestic. The low budget independent film, A Day Without A Mexican, was released into 106 theaters and grossed $4.2M.

Mike brings his vast experience in domestic and international marketing to the Vision4Media Entertainment team. Mike oversees the domestic distribution of all original content and spearheads Vision4Media’s initiatives for sales, marketing and producer solutions.