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The ROLE Model - Movie Poster

The ROLE Model
(Feature Film)
The ROLE Model is a conscious, sci-fi thriller in the tradition of films like The Lawnmower Man, Vanilla Sky, Terminator and most recently, Transcendence. The motion picture unfolds in the not-too-distant-future, where quantum computing unlocks the revolutionary technology behind the online "perpetual presence" of our deceased loved ones. The ROLE Model confronts the very real evolution of machine superintelligence leading to sentient consciousness. Does such consciousness constitute a kind of life? And if so what are the consequences?


Racing the Dead - Movie Poster

Racing the Dead
(Feature Film)
A maniacal serial killer chases his next victim through the woods. The young woman, weak from a hallucination-inducing head injury, evades the murderer by interacting with a vision of her dead father, who coaches her through the deadly ordeal. But is this spectral sight truly a delusion?


Beyond the Moonwall, A Dream to Dance - Movie Poster

Beyond the Moonwalk® - A Dream to Dance
(Feature Film)
The inspiring true story and explosive pop-culture odyssey of the gifted street dancer who taught Michael Jackson his most famous move and changed pop history forever.


Beyond the Moonwalk: A Dance Legacy

Beyond the Moonwalk - A Dance Legacy
(Branded Entertainment Franchise)
Meet the poppers and lockers of the 1970s and 1980s who set the stage for today's hip hop dance culture.