Creative Team


David Christopher Loya

WRITER / Producer / Director

David (aka David C. Bojorquez) is a 20 time Telly Award winning director, who has also won honors at the New York Film Festival and the Banff World Television Festival. Applying “authentic storytelling” to all genres, David has directed nationally broadcast dramas, reality segments, commercials and acclaimed documentaries. Committed to the Conscious Filmmaker® approach, David is an artist with the aware intent to create productions imbued with an enlightened purpose.

David’s portfolio includes hundreds of projects that have aired on CBS, NBC, PBS, Nickelodeon, Bravo, the History Channel and the A&E Network. As a documentary filmmaker, he directed and produced the acclaimed PBS special The Big One: The Truth About the San Andreas (New York Festivals' Finalist and Telly Gold Award Winner), served as line producer for the A&E Series First Flights with Neil Armstrong; produced and directed Journey of Loss…Discovery of Hope (Telly Gold Winner) and directed and produced the multiple award-winning NFL sports documentary The Moss Method.

David directed Quincy Jones on Jazz (produced by Microsoft and Harvard University) and directed and produced Voices - Rock & Roll's Invisible Instrument for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. David is also an award-winning commercial director whose portfolio includes productions for Sprint International, TCI, National Medical Enterprises, The Salvation Army,, Beckman-Coulter, Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis and The University of California, Los Angeles.

David is both a co-founder and President of Vision4Media Entertainment.

David Christopher Loya’s IMDB Page

David’s Conscious Filmmaker YouTube Channel


Paula Moreno

Head of Productions

Paula Moreno has earned a place in the forefront of new producers within international cinema. Her 2010 feature film IJE, The Journey, has broken records in the Nigerian film industry, becoming the No 1-grossing film of all time for Nollywood. When IJE was released, it out-grossed both "Shrek Forever" and "Inception" in the West African film market. The project has made Moreno the first Hispanic producer to establish credentials in Nollywood.

Moreno produced, wrote and directed her first film in 2004, a short titled Planet Far Away, for which she won awards for best director and best writer at a Tokyo film event. She followed that success with more award-winning films, the short, Lost Lives - and the feature length, Maquillaje.

Her passion for social justice was developed during her 12 years as a case manager and public relations manager at a California law firm. Drawing on that experience, she partnered with a notable criminal defense attorney to produce a series of documentaries examining the lives of death row inmates. She also has worked closely with Emmy Award-winning and Humanitas Award-nominated writer director Micki Dickoff on the documentary The Legacy: From Gary Graham to Shaka Sankofa.

In addition to her film experience, Paula has produced numerous commercials and written numerous commercial jingles for radio. She is also the marketing director for the 3D animated feature The Greatest Miracle, or, El Gran Milagro to be released in the fall of 2011.


Cora Stieven Babin

International Co-Producer

As Vision4Media Entertainment's International Co-Producer, Cora has established a V4M presence in Paris, France. She works as a creative liaison to European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets in both the promotion and production of Vision4Media's slate of Conscious Filmmaker® film and television productions. An elite triathlete, Cora began her career as a professional skier and snowboarder, competing in regional and international events. She has also trained and coached executives from around the world in some of Europe's most prestigious winter resorts. Fluent in five languages, including English and French, Cora earned her Masters degree from the University of Savoy specializing in International Trade, Communication and Management. Cora interned in the United States with Citicorp in Dallas, and also at the International Center of Lafeyette, Louisiana. Returning to Europe, she served successful international trade internships in Holland and Denmark as well.

Cora subsequently spent two years in the Sorbonne studying filmmaking and later worked as a production manager and film editor for prominent French production companies and government institutions. Additionally, she is a screenwriter with five completed scripts - with two in early film production development. Recently she earned her certification as a master Neuro Linguistic Programming practioner and coach, having studied at CQPNL, Montréal, Canada.

Cora is a vital member of the Vision4Media Entertainment creative team and is dedicated to establishing international co-production and private equity partners for select projects in the diverse slate of V4M Conscious Filmmaker film and television productions. Cora can be reached at .


Stephen Metz


Steve attended Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana, where he earned All-League honors in both Academics and Athletics and was also elected captain of the fooball team two years running. He interned at the Billings affiliates of both PBS and CBS news, and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in English and a Minor in Communications.

Following a brief venture into the world of professional football, Steve stepped in front of the camera as both an actor and model. His acting credits include appearances on PUSH (ABC), The Invisible Man (Warner Brothers), Silk Stalkings (USA Networks) and Renegade (USA Networks). His modeling credits include national advertisements for Sports Illustrated, Budweiser, Nike and AHA clothing line.

In 2004, Stephen parlayed his acting experience and internships at The Best Damn Sports Show, Fox Sports, and KUSI San Diego into a producing career. His projects include "Sports with Flavor" (Comcast), The Salvation Army 2006-2008 San Diego Territory fundraising campaign, The 2007 - 2008 San Diego Kroc Center fundraising and marketing campaign, The Long Beach Unity Festival (commercials and marketing), The Angel City Classic Football Game (promotional marketing), and the KLJH 102.3 FM morning web series. He is also currently a producer for LBTV Channel 8.

Garo Satin

Head of Trailer Production Services

“Passionate about putting the Unreal on the big screen”

Growing up in Longmeadow Massachusetts, Garo knew at a very early age that he was destined for the entertainment world. By age 9 he was working with stop motion animation and shooting his own Super 8 films with homemade clay creatures. Keeping in step with the latest filmmaking technology, Garo started using a reel-to-reel editing system to perfect the art of narrative storytelling.

Through middle school and high School he worked at the local public access television station where he learned how to edit utilizing linear 3/4inch video tape decks. Garo went on to produce over a hundred television shows including an episodic “Twilight Zone” style show entitled “Valley of the Shadows” which would air for many years on the station, as well as additional public access stations across the country. Garo would also cut all his own promos and trailers, something he took great pride in as he had studied trailers voraciously. Over those years he collected 40 plus hours of movie trailers on VHS tapes that he would watch over and over again.

With his established skills and love for film, Garo was accepted to the prestigious New York University Film School. While at NYU, Garo studied all aspects of film, with a key focus on narrative storytelling, animation and editorial work.

After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from NYU, he was accepted into the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema-Television. While at USC, Garo wrote, produced and directed several short films that resulted in industry awards and recognition. After graduation, with a Master of Fine Arts degree in film production, Garo was ready to make his mark in the entertainment world.

“My love for trailer production comes from knowing how a successful trailer builds the audience anticipation!”

Garo sold one of his screenplays but ultimately found steady work in advertising where he would edit director’s reels for a commercial production company. From there he moved on to an ad agency, Deutsch, where he embarked on a personal mission of mastering the art of non-linear editing. He would later take those skills to various post houses where he would freelance on all sorts of editing projects including commercials and on air television promos. But his primary focus became on his other childhood passion, movie trailers.

After a long stint of editing television promos for Studio City, Garo was hand selected in 2003 to work with Artisan Entertainment editing trailers for home entertainment.

At the end of 2003, Lionsgate acquired Artisan Entertainment. Recognizing the talent in Garo, Lionsgate promptly made the decision to bring Garo onto the Lionsgate team, with a focus on editing and producing trailers. To this date, Garo remains at Lionsgate and has edited over 240 trailers and television spots for nationwide distribution. His trailers have received sixteen Golden Trailer Nominations and three wins. Some of his recent work includes The Last Stand, The Haunting in Connecticut 2, and television spots for Leprechaun Origins and Nurse 3D.

Garo knows and understands how a trailer must compel the potential audience to see the movie. His trailer experience ranges through every genre, making him truly one of the most diverse writer, director, producers of trailers that will drive audience engagement. For him, it’s not just a job. It’s a genuine passion.